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Manifesting Peace at Home

This fall, the general mood of the world and Mars will bring a lot of resentment and aggression; Saturn will bring depression. These are heavy astrological transits, and I began to think of ways we could all prepare.

This fall will be an excellent opportunity to practice “The Secret”. If you haven’t read it/seen it, (1st 20 minutes here on YouTube) now is the time to understand the principles. It will be important for all of us to maintain positive attitudes, and keep our gazes on our dreams rather than perpetuating depressed moods because of how bad things are.

Let’s keep our heads cool please! When we think of all the love in our lives, what we feel blessed by in our lives (gratitude), then this focus produces a better atmosphere for our families and ourselves. Try positive affirmations, meditation, or prayer. Essential oils too – many of the natural properties of flowers and herbs can help our brain and body stay peaceful. I use this recipe to promote a calm atmosphere in my home when the kids’ drama hits a new high: Up to 15 drops total of Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit for frustration. There are many recipes for emotional balance here to put into diffusers.

Choose not to watch the news if that is affecting your peace of mind! Rest assured, you CAN stay informed without watching every piece of news out there. We can stay active outdoors – the leaves are starting their show and going on a hike is a great way to enjoy them, or get out into the garden to rake the leaves. The soil in our gardens can absorb frustration much easier than our families can.

Virgo is active now, so details will matter too. We can work on our emergency preparedness kits, and get paperwork up to date. It will be easier to navigate the difficult times ahead if things are planned ahead of time. The best system I have seen to help anyone get a grip on all household maintenance is Flylady. This system is great for the perfectionist AND those who are able to let things slide a little. Flylady has created a system for people to work on things a little bit at a time so you don’t feel so overwhelmed by all that has to be done. The system works!

Stay positive, stay active and stay organized. These are things that we know we should be doing always, but now is a good time to commit them to a routine.